The Life I Wish I Had

Finally my #newmusic video for “The Life I Wish I Had” is out. This #song was filmed in my childhood home, just a couple days before we moved out. Saying goodbye to that house was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It was the last tangible thing I had left from when my family was whole, and the link to so many happy memories. Silly as it may sound, losing that house almost felt like losing a part of my soul.

I wanted to capture the raw emotions I was going through at the time, and a HUGE thank you to @joshsales for doing that so perfectly. I hope you love the video 💜. Stream the rest of the EP on #youtubemusic and other platforms here:

Written by: Madilyn Paige, Marko G, Jay Denton
Produced by: Jay Denton & Marko G
Mixed by: Jay Denton
Atmos Stem Mastered by: Sean P. Jones

Many many thanks to the Patreon family: Mat and Savanna Shaw, Herb & Tessa Mason, Luis Pinon, Brian Johnson, Jaida Trevethan, Marshall Thompson, Darren and Taunya Butler, Aimee Ambrose, Shannon Oh, Pablo Bulldog, Blaze Oxier, David Herbst, Gordon Jensen, Jonah Reed, and Christian Devey.

  • Date June 21, 2022