Another Kind Of Love
MADILYN PAIGE, Aaron Kellim, Jay Denton, Ariel Lask

Slamming doors, screaming voices
I run from love cause all I know is
The way it looks from other people’s choices

Overplayed the fake affection
Empty words and lost connection
I swore that I would be the one exception

Hurt people hurt people
I don’t want to hurt people
You love how you’re shown how to love

All I
Do is get in my head in my head in my head in my head
All I know is
falling in, stumbling, crumbling, ain’t
enough I
Keep on wonderin, wonderin, wonderin, wonderin
If………I’ll find
Another kind of love
Another kind of love, hm-mm
Another kind of love
Another kind of love

Whispered words, overthink in my lop
I can be so convincing
inner talk becomes my outer story

And hurt people hurt people, I
Don’t wanna hurt people, oh
You love how you choose how to love

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Another Kind of Love EP

Release Date : June 2, 2023
Artist : Madilyn Paige
Format : Digital Download

Madilyn Paige debuts her first EP of 2023, “Another Kind of Love.” “I wrote these songs in nashville last winter with a team of talented, incredible people. This project is so special, and feels like a new beginning and evolution for me as an artist. I hope you love the songs!” – Madilyn Paige

EP Written by Madilyn Paige, Jay Denton, Ariel Lask, Aaron Kellim, Brittany Bookout and Katrina Stone
Produced by @jaydenton
Mastered by @seanpjones
Recorded at @endure_studios in Nashville and Los Angeles