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1 Social Butterfly
2 So Sad
3 Letter to an Old Friend
4 Knives
5 The Life I Wish I Had
6 Monster
7 Unbroken
8 Enough
10 Unbroken, Madilyn Paige & Aaron Kellim

About Album

Madilyn Paige debuts her 2022 album, Social Butterfly.” Paige enters into a new chapter: moving from her childhood home, navigating life single, and facing uncertainty. “2021 was about coming to terms with my parents divorce and heartache… this year, it’s about moving on,” says Paige. Compared to her 2021 album, this EP contrasts both sincere and light-hearted experiences with hopeful and forward-looking perspectives. Now streaming everywhere.

Special thanks to Herb and Tessa Mason, Luis Pinon, Brian Johnson, Jaida Trevethan, Marshall Thompson, Darren and Taunya Butler, Shannon Oh, Aimee Ambrose, Shawn Pendlebury, Blaze Oxier, Mat and Savanna Shaw, David Herbst, Pablo Bulldog, Christian Devey, Gordon Jensen, Jonah Reed, Daniel Robertson, James Stenquist, Daylen Westwood, Heidi Walstad, Olivia Vodden, Nolan Coleman, Brian Johnson, Sandia Moellendorf, Brooke Olsen, Brittinee Bailey, David Millenheft, Ridge Lewis, Phillip Walstad, William Nygaard, and Marley Yergensen.



Release Date

October 4, 2022